Solved Essay Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children

PTE Sample essay Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children. Is it more positive for their future aspect or have some adverse effects. Agree or disagree? Advantages or disadvantages?


A new language, something diverse than the day to day lifestyle or speech we adapt. Being much fluent in the words we speak every day is legitimately agreeable, then why does the craze to learn new ways to communicate lies among the youth and the child?  The main question lies here, learning vivid languages at a young age is good? Is making children learn new languages at a young age good or bad?

Every single aspect of one’s life has its own pros and cons. Looking at the bright side gaining knowledge and at a young age isn’t really bad. There has been an obsession over years towards the new languages like French, German, Italian etc. Along with this India is filled up with divergent languages, it does make any justice to adapt them. It is often said that young age is the perfect time to learn. Right from walking to communication we learn this all as a child. The generation born now aren’t the ones whose minds and soul wouldn’t be happy being stuck in a single place, they’re bound to travel the world and for that knowing the language a country speaks makes a plus point. In the CV being used for many colleges, firms and job level has a different section for languages that particular person knows and adding up a number of points to it would surely make a difference. Knowing something which the people around you don’t surely add a plus point and make you different from others, living in a competitive world like this being extraordinary is what makes you be noticed.

But Every thing doesn’t only come with advantages, learning a new language as a child has its own cons. At a very tender age, the age every old mesmerizes and wishes to go back to that time, is it exceptional to take away the time a child invests in playing, drooling around into classes and learning.Basically at a little age children should take part in extra curricular activities more than sitting in lectures because that’s one thing they are going to do for a long period of time in their life but the age, little age won’t come back and snatching their joy and putting it into the learning process isn’t justice for sure.

To be more clear, let the experience talk.One of my friends, named Vedant has the longest CV among all of us. He speaks 6 different languages.Last month he went to Italy for a holiday trip and being a person who knows Italian, everything was in his favour, he witnessed a wonderful trip, on the other hand, his parents made him study these languages right from the age of 5, resulting into as he states he never had a good childhood, he never played and fooled around with his friends because he was too busy with the tuition classes.

To conclude this topic, yes learning new languages, adapting the Change in this world is amazing but not at the cost of losing something unrecoverable. If you’re making your kids learn new languages at a young age make sure it doesn’t affect his mesmerizing childhood.


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