Sample Essay Advantages and disadvantages of studying the plays and theatrical arts

What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying the plays and theatrical arts which were written centuries ago?


All literary genres act like a mirror of the society as they show the perfect reflection of the present civilization through their art forms. Studying these plays and theatrical arts which were written centuries ago is a very vital for a student. This will help them to understand the human development through centuries and the different traditions, customs followed. There is also a disadvantage to this. We can understand both the approach in detail with this essay.

The positive side entails a better understanding of the prevalent rituals, lifestyle followed at that time. It not only shows the course of changes which lead to development to reach where we are today but also the change in human behavior, mentality and thought process which gradually came to its present being. Studying these art forms will develop an imaginative and creative side in the students to allow them to create future masterpieces.

For example- Shakespeare’s plays have influenced young minds in schools all over the world. They have assisted children in learning English and also develop their aesthetic aspects in mind and also embrace their souls.

On the contrary side, it is believed that studying old literature is a waste of time and money. It leads to nowhere and drains your valuable resources. There is an abundant advancement in technology and modern sciences where there is a scope of growth while studying these arts shows no opportunity and that time and money can be utilized better.

To conclude the old literature has both positive and a negative side but the merits of the theatrical arts are more prominent as compare to the setbacks. People can derive major benefits from classical writings and the negative side can be handled.


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