Contented in a Sentence

Sharing Contented in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Contented in Example Sentences.

Use Contented in a Sentence

1. There is nothing better than a contented mind.

2. She smiled a contented smile.

3. He was a contented man.

4. She gazed at him with a soft contented smile on her face.

5. The children were not contented till they received dessert.

6. The client was contented with the project he was working on.

7. They were not contented with the small success.

8. The winters made her feel cozy and contented.

9. May you feel happy and contented with your life.

10. He gave a deep contented sigh.

11. The teacher kept the children reasonably quiet and contented.

12. He has a demeanor of a man who is contented with his life.

13. Her face was relaxed with a contented smile.

14. After spending the entire day at the orphanage she felt contented.

15. He always felt contented happy and contented after reaching home.

16. A contented smile crossed her face when she found out that she was going to be prom queen.

17. You should be contented and satisfied with the life situation you are in.

18. The doctor was quite contented after the surgery.

19. He was quite contented with his present job.

20. She was quite contented with her family and her love for nature.


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