Vital in a Sentence

Sharing Vital in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Confident in Example Sentences.

Use Vital in a Sentence

1. These matters are vital for our nation’s defence.

2. Exercise keeps her young and healthy.

3. She was a vital asset to the company and the director knew it.

4. The police found a vital clue in the investigation.

5. Heart is a vital organ of the human body.

6. Perseverance is vital to success.

7. Honesty is a vital element to a person’s success.

8. The work she does in the organisation is absolutely vital.

9. The early detection of the disease is very vital.

10. It is absolutely vital that food supplies should be maintained.

11. Good communication is very vital for any relationship.

12. It is vital that the contract has to be entered into freely.

13. The police play a vital role in our society.

14. A good diet is vital for a healthy body.

15. The country’s railways provided a vital social service.

16. Your attitude is vital for your growth as a person.

17. It is vital to have a good sense of humour in this job.

18. The police were accused of withholding vital evidence.

19. Hospitals are increasingly dependent on charity for their vital equipment.

20. The matters were vital for the security of the country.


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