Considered in a Sentence

Sharing Considered in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Considered in Example Sentences.

Considered in a Sentence

1. She was highly considered for that role.

2. She had considered the change of events.

3. She doesn’t even consider that she didn’t want to go.

4. She took the feedback very nicely, all things considered.

5. The number thirteen is considered unlucky in some cultures.

6. Pork is considered impure in many cultures.

7. The document she submitted was not genuine.

8. He considered everyone to be inferior to her.

9. Can today’s art and pop culture be considered art?

10. She considered herself to be the queen of witty banter.

11. She considered herself very lucky to be offered that opportunity.

12. Have you considered the possible consequences of this action?

13. Building a tunnel was considered to not be a feasible option.

14. They had considered moving to a new city a few times now.

15. Before making such a big purchase she considered all the pros and cons of doing the same.

16. All the suspects were considered by the police before narrowing them down.

17. A student being punctual is considered to be a very strong virtue.

18. All his paintings were considered to be a masterpiece.

19. Onion is considered to be excellent for hair.

20. Cows are considered to be sacred animals in the Hindu religion.


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