Banyan Tree Essay in English For Students & Children

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Banyan Tree Essay In English For Students & Children

Banyan trees grow in the tropics. They have many trunks supporting a single huge tree. One tree alone may develop thousand of trunks and spread out for thousands of acres. It is said that Alexander the Great camped his entire army under a single Banyan Tree. Roots drop down from the main tree’s branches and begin to take root in the ground spreading the tree in different directions. Even when the main trunk dies, the Banyan tree survives due to the roots that have spread all over.

The Hindus believe the Banyan tree is sacred. A Diya or candle is lit, close to where it stands, and can often be seen, glowing in its light.  The national tree of India is Banyan Tree.

The tree got its name from the merchants in India, known as Banias, who used the trees for their market places hence the name! The Banyan has small, red fruits or figs that are eaten by many kinds of animals and birds which help in spreading the seeds. The tree’s large, leathery, evergreen leaves are food for wild elephants, who relish the juice and leaves themselves. Rumour has it that ‘spirits’ live in the Banyan tree, and several stories have been written about them.


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