Essay on Importance of Trees in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Importance of Trees in English For Students & Children

Importance of Trees Essay in 150 words

Trees are a great gift of nature to humanity. They are like people of high quality who live and die for others. Trees are helpful to man in many ways. They give us food, fruits shade, flowers. They even add to the beauty of our surroundings. They provide fuel to the poor and furniture for buildings. Only trees can prepare their food in the sunlight. They breathe out oxygen without which we are unable to survive. Paper is also made from them. Some trees have medicinal values like Neems Eucalyptus which are used to purify the blood. Pollution also is reduced by growing and growing more trees. They even bring rain, check floods and preserve soil. The rubber used in the shoe industry, tyre industry, and in making sports goods is also derived from trees is of great importance to the development of our nation.


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Essay on Importance of Trees in our Life

Trees are the gift of mother nature to man. They are necessary for the survival of human beings. If trees stop exhaling oxygen, no life would be found on earth. They are life-giving to the whole of humanity. Besides giving us oxygen they provide food to humans as well as animals. Without trees, there is no survival of humans and animals.

Earlier there used to be deep, dark, and thick forests. They had a variety of trees. Human beings used to cut them to fulfill their basic needs. Trees provided them shelter, clothing, and food. Slowly the requirements of a man started growing. He depended on trees for burning fire, making wooden articles, etc. He made his houses with Wood. There were sufficient trees to fulfill his requirements.

As the population grew the demand for the wood grew. With modernization, the demand for wood kept on increasing. Man cut the woods for furniture, for rail sleepers, for household commodities, for fire, and for other required. He started cutting jungles blindly. This caused landslides, floods, and soil erosion. The water level of the earth started falling down. Pollution had increased.

Actually, the trees provide a cover to land. This saved soil from getting eroded. The roots of the trees hold water beneath the earth. Thus. they restore groundwater. The leaves exhale life-giving oxygen They inhale poisonous gases and purify our environment. They provide us clean and fresh air to respire.

Trees maintain ecological balance. They provide food to animals. The leaves and roots and stems of some trees are used to prepare medicines. There are many more uses for trees.

Keeping in mind the vitality of trees, we should not cut them blindly. We should grow more and more trees around us. We should help the government in its efforts to save our natural re stop, selfish people, from cutting down our forests. We should help the government in its efforts to save our natural resource


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