Essay on Importance of Paper For Students & Children

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Essay on Importance of Paper For Students & Children

Paper is so important today, that it is difficult to imagine people existing without it. Yet, until the Chinese discovered the art of making paper, the man wrote on clay tablets, parchment made from animal skins or tree barks. The paper on which we write today is made up of tangled plant fibers that have been plaited cr matted together, pressed into sheets, and dried.

When paper-making was first introduced into Europe during the Middle Ages, linen rags were commonly used in their manufacture. Although linen and cotton fibers are still used today, to make top-quality paper, cellulose fibers from wood chips are the source of most paper. Spruce, hemlock, pine, and fir trees provide us with most of the wood pulp.

Trees are at least ten feet high, have a single trunk normally, are several inches in diameter, and have well-developed leaves. Trees live longer than any other living thing, maples live for 500 years, oaks for more than 1,000 years, and a pine from which paper is made for about 4,600 years. Therefore, you can well imagine for how long paper is being manufactured.


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