Academic Essay- Some people like to travel outside their country

Essay- Some people like to travel outside their country. Others would rather travel to tourist spots in their own country first, before traveling abroad. Which do you prefer to do and why? Include specific details and examples to support your choice.

Write 250 to 300 words essay.

Sample Answer-

Who doesn’t like traveling? Life metes out the call of wanderlust to one and all. From high school graduates taking a gap year to travel the world to white collar employees taking a few days off from their busy schedules to families spending quality time together in popular getaway destinations, travel forms an integral part of people’s lives to sit back, relax and blow off some steam. Be it a budget backpacker, a typical tourist or the devout thrill seeker, all kinds of travelers either first cover destinations in their home country or travel abroad. Personally, I prefer covering other countries before my own.

Sure, our very own country offers tons of places to see and experiences to absorb. However, I feel since you are a citizen of the country already, you will have ample time to explore the common tourist attractions as well as the ones off the beaten track. Today, several parts of the world are being plagued by terrorism, war crimes and fatal diseases. Add to that the effect of global warming and receding ice caps. All these factors have rendered some astounding places of natural beauty and cultural heritage to mere ruins. Places that you could have visited a few decades ago are now either closed off to the public or non-existent. Besides, owing to terrorism, several countries have started closing off their borders and applying stringent visa and immigration controls which may hinder your travels abroad.

Several countries in the Middle East have destinations that are designated UNESCO world heritage sites. One such example is the city of Aleppo in Syria, where tourism has been greatly reduced due to the Syrian civil war and unrest. The spread of Ebola and Zika viruses has made certain countries in South America and Africa less inaccessible than before. Glaciers in the Earth’s poles have melted, thus destroying numerous spots of inherent beauty.

As is evident, I prefer traveling abroad first because you never know when a certain country can become godforsaken because of any of the reasons listed above. You can always travel within your own country but the world is ever changing and it is better to grab everything that it has to offer before it’s too late.


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