PTE Sample Essay- Talk about the pros/cons of this era as is full of daily invention

Academic Solved Essay Topic- Talk about the pros/cons of this era as is full of daily invention?

Write at least 250 words essay.

Sample Answer-

Inventions can make our life easier have some adverse effects as well. There are many times where development in technology has helped us in making our lives easier. History has everything you need to answer this question.

Since the very beginning of the human race, inventions are what have kept us alive. For instance, when people lived in the Stone Age, they developed tools made of stones which helped them hunt animals. People of different ages have come with many different ideas which have helped a lot, and still, continue to do so. It is also true that there are some inventions which are ruining our lives on a daily basis such as alcohol, war machines, etc. but this is not entirely correct. It is always said that excess of anything is bad and the use of anything which is not necessary is what actually contributes in ruining our life.

In this era, we have developed a lot of things which is making our lives easy. There was a time when people used to write letters so that they could communicate with others, but now, only a touch of a Smartphone is enough to contact someone who lives miles away from you. Inventions like the Smartphones, internet, television, etc. are massive boons to our society, but they can also be classified as curses due to their uncontrolled misuse.

To be honest, we all know that our lives would be miserable without the advancement in technology, but sometimes, people don’t understand how to put something to use correctly. Misuse of things is what makes our lives worse, not inventions!


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