Sample Essay- Some language are increasingly spoken in different countries

IELTS Writing Task 2- Some language are increasingly spoken in different countries, while the usage of others is rapidly declining. Is this positive or a negative development?

Write at least 250 words-

Sample Answer-

As the world becomes more globalised, the increasing need for a single language which is used to communicate with every country has increased. A single language makes communication easier. But the linguistic domination has also accelerated the extinction of regional languages.

Globalisation has encouraged uniformity in culture and language. This has led to increased interaction and development of nations around the world as this enables them to express their ideas and opinions before a wider audience. Access to academic and scientific resources has also improved which helps people from less developed nations to employ them in their societies. To sum up, single language uniformity has helped nations to access development more easily. This leads to a free flow of information and ideas.

On the other hand, this practice also has some serious downfalls. A language is a representative of an entire culture, its people and its history. Language is an important part of a person’s identity which when taken away from him, deprives him of his roots. Throughout history, resisting linguistic domination has been integral to the resistance of colonialists or occupation by foreign forces.
Language is a force that binds a group of people. It fosters a sense of belonging to an entire community. When a community loses its language, it loses common interest and brotherhood. Linguistic domination is the death of true diversity of culture, history, language and identity.

In conclusion, though a single language is important to foster understanding, trade and exchange of resources between nations, it shouldn’t be at the cost of losing one’s own language. Mother languages should not compensate for bridging gaps between nations.

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