5 Sentences About Rain | Few Lines on Rain

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5 Sentences About Rain | Few Lines on Rain

Five Lines on Rain

1. Rain is the water that falls from the clouds.

2. It rains a lot in the tropical and hot areas of our planet.

3. For agriculture rain is very important as it waters the crops.

4. Rain reduces pollution by cleaning the air.

5. Rain is very important for the maintenance of the hydrological cycle.


Few Lines on Rain

1. Rain helps in refilling the water bodies.

2. Children enjoy a lot in the rain.

3. Rain sometimes becomes a disaster as well, as it can bring floods.

4. The places where there is no or very less rain are called deserts.

5. Rain makes the environment more clean and beautiful.

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Some Lines on Rain

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5 Lines on Rain

1. In summer rain brings relief to the people from the heat.

2. Rain fill all the ponds of villages that became dry.

3. Not only human beings rain brings joy to animals also.

4. Farmer also depends on rain for their crops.

5. After the rain, we all felt lively and cheerful.


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