5 Good Habits and 5 Bad Habits

In this article, we are providing Informative Write 5 Good Habits and 5 Bad Habits in English Students & Children. We have tried our best to give detailed simple lines on Good & Bad Habit Essay for school students in classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Write Five Good Habits and Write Five Bad Habits.

5 Good Habits and 5 Bad Habits

List of Good Habits and Bad Habits

good habits and bad habits

5 Good Habits ( Lines on Good Habits )

1. Meditation (Practice meditation daily)

  •  Meditation helps to reduce stress or anxiety.
  • It helps to enhance the ability to focus.
  • Meditating regularly helps in improving sleep.
  • It increases imagination and creativity.

2. Reading (Read books on a regular basis)

  • Reading helps in increasing one’s knowledge.
  • It helps in building vocabulary.
  • Reading helps in improving writing and communication skills.
  • It helps in the expansion of one’s thoughts.

3. Exercise (Exercise regularly)

  • Regular exercise can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
  • It helps to boost energy levels.
  • Exercise helps sustain a healthy weight.
  • It helps to make our mental health better.

4. Optimism (Keep your thoughts positive)

  • Being optimistic reduces the chances of depression.
  • It helps in increasing the lifespan of a person.
  • Positive thinking helps in coping with the hard times in life.
  • Optimism helps in forming better relations.

5. Discipline (Be disciplined in life).

  • Being disciplined helps one to be successful.
  • Discipline helps in achieving goals in time.
  • It makes you emotionally stable.
  • It gives you a more positive outlook.

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5 Bad Habits ( Lines on Bad Habits )

1. Indiscipline

  • Indiscipline leads to a loss of self-reputation.
  • It leads to inefficiency at work.
  • It disrupts social harmony.
  • Goals cannot be achieved if a person lacks discipline.

2. Pessimism

  • Negative thinking is the driving force behind depression.
  • It causes problems in one’s relations.
  • Thinking negatively leads to reduced productivity.
  • Negative thinking can make you feel sad.

3. Smoking

  • Smoking causes various diseases like cancer, lung diseases, etc.
  • It does not only affect the person who smokes but also affects the people around them.
  • Smoking causes air, land, and water pollution.
  • At times fires are also caused by cigarette butts.

4. Dishonesty

  • Telling lies makes a person feel guilty.
  • Lies when caught have a negative impact on one’s reputation.
  • People have to loop through so many lies to hide their dishonesty.
  • Being the dishonest one always has the fear of being exposed.

5. Arrogance

  • Being arrogant is a negative trait in a person’s personality
  • Nobody likes an arrogant person.
  • People do not like to be friends with people who have arrogant behavior.
  • People are always scared of arrogant people.


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