10 Lines on My Favourite Book in English For Students & Children

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on My Favourite Book in English. In these lines, you will get the best lines about My Favourite Book. Essay on My Favourite Book 10 lines for classes 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

10 Lines on My Favourite Book


( Set-1 ) 10 Lines on My Favourite Book in English 

1. Reading books is very important for us.

2. I have many books.

3. The name of my favorite book is 365 fairy tales.

4. My grandmother gifted me this book on my birthday.

5. This book has many short stories.

6. Every night I read one story before sleeping.

7. My favorite story in this book is Cinderella.

8. I learn many new words by reading this book.

9. This book also has many pictures in it.

10. I enjoy reading this book.

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( Set-2 ) 5 lines on my Favourite book for class 1

1. Reading Books is my Hobby.

2. I am very fond of storybooks.

3. My Favourite book ‘Is Panchatantra’.

4. I learned many lessons from this book.

5. Books became important in my life.


( Set-3 ) Few Lines on My Favourite Book for Students

1. Books are the best companion in our life.

2. They always teach you something valuable.

3. I have a habit of reading on a daily basis.

4. My Favourite Book is a motivational book.

5. These kinds of books inspire me in my daily life

6. Through books, I can learn many aspects of life.

7. By reading books, I grow my knowledge.

8. Just like exercise, we should also read a book daily

9. I have a very good collection of the books at home

10. The hobby of reading books should be adopted by everyone.


( Set-4 ) My Favourite Book Essay 10 lines

1 J.K. Rowling penned novel The “Harry Potter” series book is an all-time favorite book.

2 The book will take you to the wonderful magical world of young wizards and adventures.

3 Harry Potter, my favorite book has made his fictional characters unforgettable along with their spells.

4 Through 7 published books of Harry Potter tells the story of Harry Potter and confronting dark wizard Voldemort.

5 The book makes us learn the value of friendship and trust and encourages us to face difficulties.

6 Each book is full of surprises with mysterious characters that engage readers.

7 My favorite book has not only children but adults too.

8 Characters like Hermione, Ron, and Dumbledore along with Harry Potter are everyone’s favorite.

9 Movies were also made on books with the same title.

10 The storytelling of the book has made everyone visualize it in real life.


( Set-5 ) 10 Lines on My Favorite Book Essay

1 Rudyard Kipling is the author of my favorite book The Jungle Book.

2 Mowgli was raised by wolves and bears in Jungle Book.

3 Kipling’s The Jungle Book is a favorite book of adults and children.

4 The Jungle Book is the story of friendship and loyalty between animals and a human boy.

5 The Jungle Book takes us on a beautiful journey of adventure through the eyes of Mowgli and Balo the bear.

6 The story of Jungle Book set to sail everyone to adventures of the jungle and its unexplored beautiful journey.

7 On the story of The Jungle Book many movies are made with the same title.

8 The story of The Jungle Book makes readers learn lessons of resilience and adaptation.

9 The Jungle Book tells about the thin line balance between wildlife and human life.

10 The characters of The Jungle Book demonstrate the distinct personalities and complications of jungle life.


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