10 Lines on Lotus Flower For Students & Children in English

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on Lotus Flower in English. In these lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about the Lotus Flower. Lines on Lotus Flower for classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, and competitive exams. Check out our articles on 10 Lines on Rose flower

10 Lines on Lotus Flower For Students & Children in English

10 Lines on Lotus Flower


( Set-1 ) 10 Lines on Lotus Flower Essay for class 1,2 kids

1. The Lotus is a flower that grows in water.

2. It is one of the most beautiful flowers.

3. It grows in lakes, ponds, and marshes.

4. Different kinds of lotus grow inland.

5. It is called ‘Land Lotus’.

6. There are many petals in a lotus.

7. Lotus blooms in large numbers in the Autumn.

8. It is the national flower of India.

9. Hindus use Lotus in Puja.

10. Bees collect honey from Lotus Flower.

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( Set- 2 ) Ten | Essay 10 Lines on Lotus Flower in English For Students

1. Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers that has an appealing fragrance.

2. It is an aquatic flower that grows in mud or we can say that in murky water.

3. Lotus is the national flower of India having fleshy and long stems.

4. Lotus is considered a symbol of purity, wisdom, and beauty.

5. Lotus are found in different colors such as red, blue, white, and pink.

6. Lotus has large deep green color leaves that float on the water and its petals are of boat shape.

7. According to Hindus, the lotus is the seat of Goddess Lakshmi and Brahma Ji.

8. Lotus is used in many religious rituals and also to decorate temples.

9. The lotus flower is very healthy as it contains many vitamins and fibers.

10. Every part of the lotus is edible and used to treat throat infections and also to prevent heart disease.


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10 Sentences about Lotus Flower in English

1 Lotus flower has significant value from ancient traditions and mythology.

2 Lotus flower is a symbol of purity whose scientific name is Nelumbo nucifera.

3 Lotus flowers are often seen and grow in ponds, lakes, or rivers.

4 Lotus flower has the unique ability to grow through murky water.

5 In Hinduism, the Lotus flower is a religious symbol that belongs to Mata Lakshmi.

6 Lotus flowers are found in pink, white, and blue colors which are symbols of divinity, purity, and wisdom.

7 In different regions of Asian countries Lotus flowers, their roots, and seeds are used as a vegetable.

8 It is regarded as a symbol of rebirth and creation in Ancient Egyptian writings.

9 Lotus Flower is the national flower of India which symbolizes cultural and spiritual significance.

10 The architectural design of the Lotus Temple in India is inspired by a lotus flower.


( Set-4 ) Some Lines on Lotus in English for Kids 

1. Lotus is the national flower of India and is also known as an aquatic flower.

2. It is a sacred flower for Hinduism and is used in temples and homes during worship.

3. It is also called Kamal in Hindi or Marathi and can be seen with the Hindu Lord Brahma and Goddess Lakshmi.

4. Lotus is considered to be sacred in Buddhism as well.

5. The Lotus grows in freshwater like lakes, ponds, and shallow water.

6. Lotus is a beautiful flower with floating leaves and has an aromatic fragrance.

7. The Color of the Lotus is pink or white and the petals are round in shape.

8. Lotus has a thick stem and its roots are planted in the soil of the pond or river bottom.

9. Lotus has many medicinal properties and some medicines made are from various parts of this flower.

10. Lotus is the symbol of truth, purity, peace, and wealth.


FAQ on Lotus Flower

Q.When was the lotus declared the national flower of India?
Ans. The lotus was declared the national flower of India on October 26, 1950.

Q. What is the scientific name of Lotus?
Ans. The scientific name of the lotus is “Nelumbo nucifera.”

Q. What is a Lotus flower called in India?
Ans. A Lotus flower is called “Kamal” in India.

Q. What are the uses of lotus flowers?
Ans. 1. It’s a symbol of purity, beauty, and spiritual growth in many cultures.
2. It is also used for decoration purposes.
3. lotus plants are used for traditional medicine purposes.
4. Lotus seeds are used in cooking.

Q. Name the countries which have the Lotus flower as a national flower?
Ans. India and Vietnam have the lotus flower as their national flower.


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