10 Lines on Himachal Pradesh in English

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10 Lines on Himachal Pradesh in English


( Set-1 ) 10 Lines on Himachal Pradesh in English

1. Himachal Pradesh is a state located in North India

2. Himachal Pradesh was formed on January 25, 1971.

3. Himachal Pradesh was formed as the 18th state of India.

4. The capital of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla, which was declared the summer capital of India by the British.

5. April 15 is celebrated as the Statehood Day of Himachal Pradesh.

6. The total area of Himachal Pradesh is 55,658 km².

7. The total population of Himachal Pradesh is 75 lakhs ( approx ).

8. Himachal Pradesh is a major tourist destination like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Kasauli, Kufri, and many more.

9. Himachal Pradesh has 68 assembly seats, 4 Lok Sabha seats, and 3 Rajya Sabha seats.

10. The official language of Himachal Pradesh is Hindi.

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10 Lines on Himachal Pradesh


( Set-2 ) Ten Lines on Himachal Pradesh in English

1. Preity Zinta and Kangana Ranaut lead actress of Bollywood are from Himachal Pradesh.

2. Shimla is the largest city in Himachal Pradesh.

3. Its state animal is the snow leopard and its state bird is Jujurana.

4. Its state tree is Deodar and its state flower is pink buransh.

5. Asia’s largest skating ring is in Himachal.

6. Himachal is also known as the bowl of fruits.

7. The Great Himalayan Park here has been included in the World Heritage Site.

8. Himachal is also called Dev Bhoomi and its history is older than Vedas.

9. Himachal Pradesh shares a boundary with Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttarakhand states and an international boundary with China.

10. Districts of Himachal – Bilaspur, Chamba, Hamirpur, Kangra, Kinnaur, Kullu, Lahaul and Spiti, Mandi, Shimla, Sirmaur, Solan, Una.

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