Useful PTE Reading Tips to score High in PTE Exam

Useful PTE Reading Tips

Before you attempt the academic reading section in your PTE exam, it is essential for you to know the aim of the evaluators through this section. The evaluators aim at to see the candidate’s ability to read academic English. Therefore, you must prepare yourself accordingly.

The following PTE Reading Tips will help you pass through the reading section with flying colours:

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Single or Multiple Answers

In the MCQs where you need to select one choice, you must glance through the answer choices after reading the questions and narrow down on the closest option. Once you have the short-listed choices, choose the correct one within 30 seconds and move to the next one.

In the MCQs where you need to select more than one choice, you must focus on the grammar and structure like a repeat of words, verbs, adjectives, etc. If you cannot reach the final answer, eliminate the wrong one to come to the right answer choice. Never spend more than 2 minutes in this type of question.

Reorder the paragraphs

In these type of questions, looking for the theme and then choose the sentences that stand alone. Furthermore, you must check the adjectives and verbs to find the logical order. You must also pay attention to the general structure like Introduction, Body, and conclusion to get to the correct choice. Never spend more than 3 minutes on this type of question.

Fill in the blanks

Skimming through the text and giving one glance to get the context should be your first step. Then you must focus on the missing part of the sentence to find the right word. If you understand the content well, you will be able to finish it quickly. Do not spend more than 2 minutes on this.

Fill in the blanks: Reading & Writing

In this type of fill the blanks where you need to read and write, you must again go through the sentence to understand the content. Then, use the drop-down to select the answer. Although some words might sound similar in meaning but depending on the context, you will have only one right answer. Again, don’t spend too much time and move ahead after selecting the correct answer.

Short PTE Reading Tips-

– Learn how to skim the passage or given text, by doing this you will find the answer easily

– Find the keyword in every question, it will help you to find the answer.

– In Reorder, you should use the connector, conjunction, verb, noun, time phrases to built correct paragraph.

– Like other section, grammar is very important to score well in this section also.

– Practice makes man perfect- Practice PTE reading Test ( mock test ) before appearing in the test.

PTE Academic Essay Writing tips

By following these PTE Exam tips & techniques / Reading tips for PTE exam, you will quickly sail through the academic section smoothly.
Good Luck!

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