The Thirsty Crow Story with Moral in English for Students & Kids

We are sharing the Short Thirsty Crow story in English for kids and students for class 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

The Thirsty Crow Story with Moral in English


A Thirsty Crow Story for kids

It was a hot day. A crow was very thirsty. It flew here and there in search of water. It reached a garden. It saw a pot. There was a little water in it. Its beak could not reach the water. It saw some pebbles. It put the pebbles into the pot. The water rose high. The crow drank water. It flew away.


Moral Story Thirsty Crow

Once there was a thirsty crow. The day was hot. In search of water, the crow flew here and there. But he did not find water. I made him very sad. He did not lose heart and continued his search. At last, he saw a jug in a corner of a house.

The crow flew to the jug. There was some water in the jug. He felt very happy. But his beak could not reach the water. He thought hard until a bright idea come to him. He found many pebbles lying there. He picked them up one by one and dropped them into the jug. Gradually the water comes up. Now his beak could reach the water. He drank the cool water. It quenched his thirst. Then he flew away happily to a tree. He was an intelligent bird.


Moral of the story

– God helps those who help themselves

– Where there is a will, there is a way


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