Moral Story The Lion and The Mouse in English

We are sharing Short The Lion and The Mouse story with Moral for kids and students

Moral Story The Lion and The Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a mighty lion. He lived in a big forest. One day he was sleeping under a big tree. A mouse comes out of its hole. It began to play over the large body of the sleeping lion. The lion woke up and caught the mouse in his paws. He wanted to kill the mouse in anger and eat it up. The mouse was very much terrified. He said to the lion’ O king of the forest, have pity on me. Don’t kill me. I may be of some help to you in future.’The lion took pity on the poor mouse and set it free. The mouse ran into its nearby hole thanking the lion.

After some days a hunter caught the lion in a strong net. The lion tried to free himself from the net but in vain. He roared again and again loudly in anger, but nobody came for his help. When the mouse heard him roar, it came out of its hole. He cut the net into pieces with its sharp teeth. The lion was set free. He thanked the mouse very much for his help. From that day they became fast friends.


Moral of the Lion and the Mouse story:

-Do Good, have good

-Everything has its own value.

-A kindness is never wasted.


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