The Goose with The Golden Eggs Story in English with Moral for Students

We are sharing Short The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs Story with Moral for kids and students for classes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

The Goose with The Golden Eggs Story in English with Moral

Once there was a farmer. He had a wonderful goose. It laid a golden egg every day. He sold the eggs and got very rich. But soon he grew greedy. He wanted more and more money. He wanted to be the richest man overnight. He thought there were many golden eggs stored inside the goose. He wanted to have all these golden eggs in one day. Then he would sell them and become the richest farmer. One day he took a very sharp knife and instantly killed the goose and then cut open its stomach. But to his great shock and surprise, there was blood and flesh and no golden eggs. He was very much disappointed and sad. By killing the goose he lost both the golden egg every day and the goose. He repented but it was of no His greed had led him to such an unfortunate state.


Moral of The Goose with The Golden Eggs Story:

-Too much greed always leads to great loss


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