The Slave and The Lion Story in English with Moral for Students

We are sharing Short The Slave and The Lion Story with Moral for kids and students for classes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

The Slave and The Lion Story in English with Moral

There was a rich merchant in Baghdad. He had a slave and many servants. He treated them cruelly. The slave was very sad and unhappy. One day at night he escaped to a forest. He began to live in a cave. There was a lion. The lion was groaning in pain. He was limping. There was a big thorn in one of his paws. The slave approached the lion with great fear and drew out the thorn gently. The lion thanked him very much. They became friends.

One day the slave was arrested by the men of the merchant. He was taken to the city-bound in chains. The cruel master ordered him to be thrown before a hungry lion. A day was fixed for it. A large crowd collected to see the event. The hungry lion was brought into a big cage. The lion was freed from the cage. He was about to pounce upon the slave when he recognized him as his old friend. He began to lick his hands. The slave patted the lion tenderly. This amazed the crowd and his master. The merchant set the slave free. The lion was given to him as a reward. They both returned to the forest and lived happily ever after.


Moral of The Slave and The Lion Story:

-Do good, have good


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