The Tailor and The Elephant Story in English with Moral for Students

We are sharing Short The Tailor and The Elephant Story with Moral for kids and students for classes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

The Tailor and The Elephant Story in English with Moral

In a town, there lived an elephant. it belonged to a rich merchant. The elephant every day went to a pond to bathe and drink water. On the way to the pond, there was a tailor’s shop. The elephant and the tailor became good friends. Every day the tailor gave the elephant something nice to eat. The elephant felt very happy. One day the tailor was very busy. He had a lot of urgent work to do.

When the elephant came to his shop, instead of giving him something to eat, pricked his trunk with a sharp needle. The tailor was In an angry mood. The elephant also got very angry and thought to teach the tailor a lesson.

The Elephant went to the pond. He filled his big trunk with muddy water. And on his way back, threw with muddy water into the tailor’s shop. All his new clothes and dresses were spoiled. The tailor suffered a great loss. He realized his mistake and repented. But it was already too late. The tailor decided never to misbehave with the elephant.


Moral of The Tailor and The Elephant Story:

-As you sow, so shall you reap


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