The Vain Stag Story in English with Moral for Students

We are sharing Short The Vain Stag Story with Moral for kids and students for classes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

The Vain Stag Story in English with Moral

There was a big and beautiful stag. He lived in a forest. One day the stag went to a river to quench his thrust. There he saw in the river his own reflection. He saw his big and beautiful horns and felt very proud of them. But the ugly-looking legs filled him with regret. He cursed his luck for the legs.

After some days a hunter came to that forest. He saw the stag and chased it with his bow and arrow in hand. His legs took him away from the hunter very fast. He was lost to the hunter’s sight. But soon his horns got entangled in a big bush. He tried and struggled to free himself from the bush without any success. The hunter reached there and killed the stag. The legs which the stag thought ugly saved him from the hunter. But his horns which he thought so beautiful brought about his death. He paid for the vanity with his death.


Moral of The Vain Stag Story:

-All that glitters is not gold


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