The Fox and The Crow Story in English with Moral for Students

We are sharing Short The Fox and The Crow Story with Moral for kids and students for classes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

The Fox and The Crow Story in English with Moral

Once a crow got a piece of cheese. It perched on a tree. It desired to eat the cheese at leisure. A hungry fox saw him. He wanted the piece of cheese at leisure. Fox also wants the piece of cheese for himself. The fox was very cunning. He thought of a plan. He began to praise the crow. He called the crow’s feather glossy. He also called the crow a sweet singer and asked it to sing a song.

The vain crow felt flattered by the words of praise. He opened his beak to sing. The piece of cheese fell down. The fox picked up the cheese and ate it up. Then he ran off without caring for the crow’s cursing.


Moral of The Fox and The Crow  Story:

-Beware of flatterers

-The flatterers are not trustworthy


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