IELTS Cue Card Topic Sample- Describe a successful businessman you know

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card Model Answer- Describe a successful businessman you know

You Should Say-

who is the person

how you know this person

how s/he became successful

and explain why you consider him/her as a successful business person.

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Model Answer-

I know, Mr Steve Stanford who is a successful businessman from the United States. I came into his contact five years ago through one of my acquaintances at my workplace. He owns a clothing brand “Steve”, which is very prominent brand in the United States. As he shared he had started with a one-room office and presently owns a factory in around 100 yards.

Five years ago, one of my friends from the work-place invited me to his housewarming party. There he introduced me to his Uncle, Mr Steve Stanford. I was overwhelmed to know how he started his business and made it such a success.

He told me he had started his business ten years ago with an old scraped garment machine that he procured from a scrap dealer. Working day and night over its mechanism, he made it functional and understood its operation. He used to pitch sales during the day and produce the garment in the night. Within few months through his hard work and dedication, his brand began to be known among the traders.

Through ethical and fair business practices, he earned more goodwill into the market and flourished his business to the level it is presently.

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