Would That in a Sentence

Sharing would that sentence, this phrase we use in our daily life. These sentences will definitely help Students.

Would That in a Sentence

1. Would that be ok, if I come a bit late to the event?

2. Would that dress look nice for the party?

3. As per your suggestion, would that be a good gift to present to Tina on her 16th birthday?

4. How would that dress look on me?

5. Would that set of curtains suit our living room theme?

6. Would that sofa set look good in our sitting room?

7. What do you think; would that boy be a good match for Erica?

8. Would that bed look nice in Tina’s room?

9. In your opinion, would that Mathematics tutor be good for Zoey?

10. How would that shirt look on Sam?

11. Would that necklace look good with Alvina’s pink dress?

12. Would that flower bouquet be ok for Elena, to carry down the aisle?

13. According to you, would that bag be spacious enough to carry my things during business trips?

14. Would that suit be fine to wear during my meeting with the foreign delegates?

15. Would that study table be ok for Ryan?

16. Would that school bag be ok for John?

17. In your opinion, would that furniture be fine for my new office?

18. Would that couch be comfortable for my grandfather?

19. Would that painting look nice in our sitting room?

20. What do you say, would that watch suit my personality?

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