PTE Solved Essay Should we preserve past historical buildings

Should we preserve past historical buildings? How much care should be taken by their owners in terms of maintenance?


There has been much debate on whether old historical buildings should be preserved. Most people are of the opinion that history should not deter progress meaning old deteriorating buildings should be swapped for newer, modern and swanky looking buildings. I am of the of the opinion that stringent measures should be taken to preserve these historical buildings.

Many people nowadays have the out with the old, in with the new ideology. However, historical buildings are not merely buildings. They provide a doorway into a world long gone by providing insights into the way our ancestors lived and prospered. Not only do they show us the magnificence of the architectural techniques of centuries ago, they also spell out the stories of what may have been: wars that were fought, kingdoms that were usurped, revolutions that were initiated. Thus, not only do they expose us to the rich cultural heritage and history of nations, they also instill a sense of pride and patriotism in its citizens. Many historical buildings have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites while some of them have also received the most coveted title of a world wonder. These sites along with countless others attract flocks of tourists and historians from the world over, which in turn increases capital gained through tourism. With more tourists coming in to visit these places, more people are employed for providing their services in the tourism and its allied industries. In order to reap these benefits, it is the duty of every citizen to do every little thing that he can to preserve them. This can be as simple as avoiding littering to not destroying the walls of the buildings with nonsensical messages. Governments should invest the capital earned through tourism into the betterment of the services provided. This would ensure that the influx of tourists remains uniform.

There are various castles of kings and queens all over the United Kingdom. Some are well preserved while some are mere ruins. Nevertheless, they have always attracted tons of tourists who want to step into the Victorian era for a fleeting bit.

As is evident, preserving historical buildings is in the best interest of any nation due to the multitude of benefits that it acquires. City administration should take every possible measure to safeguarding the same instead of looking to demolish these marvelous creations.

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