PTE Solved Essay- People who speak louder what effect they make on society

PTE Academic Essay People who speak louder what effect they make on society give your opinion with an example.

As people living in a modern society with some defined cultural rules, the focus on speaking slowly and softly has always existed. Most elders always comment on the ability to be taken as a more educated person if you put more power in your words as compared to your voice. A voice that is too loud hurts the listener’s ears and the voice that is too soft is not significant enough to be heard or given importance. In both these cases, the message is lost in transmission as the listeners are trying to adjust themselves to your volume and not paying much attention to what you are really trying to convey.

For people in a public speaking business, it is important that their voice is loud enough to reach people in the entire room and soft enough for them to realize that you are not shouting. The voice modulation really impacts how a loud person sounds. The volume and the tone of the voice can be seen as the two pillars on which your spoken language stands. If you are able to build a strong foundation with both of them, communicating effectively with people will come naturally to you.

According to a popular quote, Confidence is Silent. Insecurities are loud.

This means that people who are angry or trying to show negative emotion often use loudness as a medium to hide their fears and insecurities. Confidence and composure are always associated with a voice having appropriate volumes. As a real life example, Mahatma Gandhi has always been known to speak softly to his followers and even his enemies. He could leave such a strong mark on the world with his personality and aura only because he had a great control over his voice.

In my opinion, people who speak loudly can have a negative as well as a positive impact on society based on how high their voice is. It is important to use pitch to make yourself heard by others but not hurt them.

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