PTE Sample Essay- The traffic congestion has increased massively across the globe

Academic Essay- The traffic congestion has increased massively across the globe. The government has proposed a solution to raise the taxes to reduce the traffic jam. What is your view on this?

You are required to write 250 to 300 words essay in 20 minutes (writing section).

Sample Essay-

Due to the increasing number of private vehicles, many governments around the world have started charging the owners with high taxes also known as the congestion tax. The growing materialism has increased the demand for luxury items. Cars and other transports are hence, also a status symbol in today’s times. This has led them to a dramatic increase in traffic and pollution in many cities around the world.

Introduced by the government of Singapore in the 1990s, it led to the decrease in traffic around the country. Following the successful implementation in Singapore, Sweden and England also introduced the same taxes.

The congestion tax has several benefits. The purpose of the tax is to decrease the traffic and in turn, declutter roads and lessen the pollution from the cars and a create clean environment. It also aims at boosting the popularity of public transport like metros and buses while decreasing the costs of petrol and other fuels and hence, saving non-renewable resources.

Despite its benefits, congestion tax if not implemented properly, can also have several disadvantages. To be specific if in case, the public transport network isn’t available in every corner of the country, it would become expensive for people who live in these areas to travel. Also, sometimes as the quality of public transport is not good, people prefer private transport mainly because of this reason. Plus, if the population of an area is high, the pressure on public transport increases.

In conclusion, congestion tax can prove to be beneficial but only if the government implements it in a proper manner with accurate planning. Shortsightedness and a lack of infrastructure can result in unexpected results and will surely disrupt many lives.

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