PTE Sample Essay- It is important that maintain and protect the beautiful building in the past

Academic Solved Essay-“It is important that maintain and protect the beautiful building in the past, even if it is expensive for owners to do so.” what do you think of this statement? Give reasons and examples on your own experience.

You are required to write 250 to 300 words essay in 20 minutes (writing Task).


Sample Answer-

As they say, “Old places have a soul”. I have often wondered what would have happened in those partially damaged confines of that old building I am wandering into.

A lot of places in different nations have unique buildings and monuments that have rusted and weathered. They are barely holding together. Some are historical sites while some are mentioned in the wills of a few rich owners. In any case, those buildings need proper care and maintenance as they stand there holding untold secrets, beauty and inspiration for new designs leading to eventual progress of the respective sites.

Having these buildings within a viewing range is one thing and preserving is another. We learn a lot about the art of living during that particular time period through these buildings. Without them standing strong and proud, it would be really underwhelming to acquire this knowledge through internet and books. These monuments also work as tourist spots, so they help to improve the economy. So no matter how much time and money is required to maintain the well being of these buildings, it always comes back with positive and fruitful results.

All that being said, maintaining and preserving old buildings should not put a leash to the much-needed modernization as well. In fact, many such buildings these days, are restored and renovated with modern art and style while maintaining the old looks and ambiance of the place. Recently, I was traveling for a shoot in Mumbai and I discovered the location was Fort Bassein/Vasai Fort which is over eight hundred years old. Going through the ruins of few walls and rooms, I was envisioning the faded aspects of life that existed in and around. How beautiful it will look in its full radiance and looks! It was an utmost delight to shoot there and I was still thinking about the different ways of restoration and renovation of such a majestic piece of beauty.

In conclusion, it is absolutely essential to preserve old buildings so as to understand the world we live in and share the knowledge ahead while restoring the legacy. In a way, we move towards a better future by studying and reliving the designs and architecture of these beautiful souls sprouting out of our mother earth.

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