PTE Sample Essay- Advantages & Disadvantages of Cashless Society

In a cashless society, people use more credit cards. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon?

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Model Answer

It is difficult to find a person who wouldn’t like to spend money. There was a time when people used to indulge in transactions through cash. But today cashless transaction is the need of the hour. Hence people use credit cards to buy something. Is this good or bad is discussed below:

Using credit cards are beneficial as it saves lots of time. One doesn’t have to stand in queues. Shopping online is more fun than enduring the physical pain to move around supermarkets. This is possible because of credit cards. Citizens of this global village are no more afraid to be robbed of the petty cash in their pockets. Not only shopping but paying bills are easier now. With the swipe of the cards, life has become smooth.

On the contrary, there are some loopholes in these cashless transactions. Due to system error or malware, some payments may go to the wrong account. Hackers are not only hacking the bank accounts but also creating fictitious websites. These kinds of websites are robbing customers in daylight. If the card is lost and falls in some wrong hand, then the owner of the card is doomed. Moreover, the banks are levying hidden charges on every card transaction.

Being the part of this modern world is full of good and bad deeds. Similarly using credit cards are advantageous at some point of the time and vice versa. They allure us to utilize them in everyday life. They allow us to stay in the comfort zone and not to venture out. It is better to apply them carefully than to regret at the end of the day.

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