Paragraph on Water in English for Students & Children

We are Sharing a Paragraph on Water in English for students and children. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Short Water Paragraph | Essay for Classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Paragraph on Water in English for Students & Children

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Short Paragraph on Water for kids in 75 words

Water is a liquid. We cannot live without water. Every animal needs water. Trees and plants need water to grow. No life on earth is possible without water. That is why water is called ‘life’. Even we cannot wash our clothes, Utensils, and rooms without water. Water is very essential for our cultivation. Without water a single second of human life is impossible. If there is no water, no life is possible under the Sun.

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Paragraph on Water | Paragraph On Water Is Life in 100 words

Water is essential for us. We cannot live without water. There is much water on the Earth. The Earth is made up of three parts of water and one part of land. We have oceans, rivers, seas, lakes, ponds, and wells. We also get water from the rain. But we cannot drink the water of the oceans and seas because it is salty. We use water from rivers, lakes, ponds, and wells. We use the water for drinking, making food, and washing clothes. The water that we use for drinking has to be made pure. Otherwise, we will fall sick. Water is scarce. We should not waste water.


Paragraph on Water for students in 200 words

Water is one of the basic necessities for the functioning of all forms of life that exist on earth. Life on earth is impossible without water. Around 71% of the earth’s surface is water. Water is used by us for many purposes like for drinking, agriculture, industries, domestic uses, etc. It is the basic requirement for the life of humans. The human body is roughly 60-70% of water. It is vital for the proper functioning of all the body organs. Every individual is dependent on water for livelihood; therefore it has become very important to conserve water.

Despite this, too much water is being wasted by us. We should use water wisely otherwise we will have to face a scarcity of water. There are many ways by which we can save water. In order to save water, it has become important to spread awareness among people regarding the importance of water. The Government should make strict rules to save water. Hefty fines should be imposed on finding anyone involved in activities causing wastage of water.


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