My First Day at School Essay in English For Students and Children

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My First Day at School Essay in English For Students and Children

Essay on My First Day at School For class 1,2,3,4,5

I was a bit nervous on my first day at school. I still remember that I was five years old then. My father took me to school. There was a friendly interaction between me and my class teacher. And I was admitted to class 1st. My class teacher was polite and energetic. She asked my name and welcomed me in a very sweet voice. I was offered a seat in the first row. There were many colored toys in the classroom. In the games period, I played with the other students of my class. When school was over my father came to take me home. It was a very Joyful day.


My First Day at School Essay in English

Last year I passed my eighth class examination. I had to take admission to a new school. My previous school was a middle school.

On that day I got up early in the morning. I got ready and with my father, I started my new school.

It was a big building. We went to the office and met the person at reception. He gave us a form. My father filled it. We went to the Principle’s office. He looked at the form and told us to go to the staff room.

We went to the staff room and gave that form to the teacher sitting there. He gave me a test. I took English and Maths tests. The teacher checked the paper and wrote something on it. He sent us to The Principal. He looked at my test and ordered my admission. My father deposited dues in the office. I was sent to the 8th class with a chit.

I went to the class and gave that chit to the teacher sitting in the class. He told me to take a seat on the front bench. He was teaching English to the class. Then the bell rang and the second period started.

In the recess, I took my lunch. The class monitor joined me in my lunch. He was a nice fellow. He showed me to the school and took me to the playground. It was a big ground.

After recess, there were four more periods. I was feeling quite comfortable in the class. All the teachers were very nice and friendly. Their way of teaching was also very good and interesting.

At 1 O’clock the last bell went. I left the class and came back home. My mother was waiting at the door. She was worried about me. She felt relieved when she saw me happy. I told her everything that happened in the school. She was glad to hear the account of my first day in school.


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