Essay on Nurse in English For Students

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Essay on Nurse in English

Nurse Essay in 250 to 300 words

A nurse symbolises service and humanity. It is the nobles: profession. She is a symbol of sympathy, love, care, and dedication.

A nurse wears a white skirt and socks. She always remains neat and clean. She works for long hours to deliver her duty. She is supported to take care of her patients.

A nurse works in shifts. She arrived es in the hospital before time. She takes charge and starts working. She meets her patients with a smiling face. She visits every patient on his bed. She gives them medicines or injections as required. She prepares the chart of the medicines prescribed by the doctor. She keeps a record of the patient’s temperature and blood pressure etc. She prepares their medical reports.

She comes with the doctor when he is on the round. She tells the doctor about the condition of the patients. She notes down the instructions are given by the doctor. She takes care of the diet taken by her patient. She never allows any change in the routine, without the permission of the doctor. She immediately informs the doctor, if there is some emergency.

She keeps a record of every item, consumed during her duty. She has no time to rest. She awakes throughout the night.

She is a picture of dedication hard and selfless work. She never loses there temper. She always smiles at her patients. Although, they call her sister, yet she treats them like a mother. The treatment of a patient wholly depends on her. Doctors also depend on her for feedback. She has a hard time when patients are non-cooperative or rude to her.

She plays an important role in humanity. Patients recover only due to her care and service. She should be respected by society for her service to mankind.


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