My Classroom Essay in English for Students, Kids and Children

We are Sharing an Essay on My Classroom in English for students. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Short My Classroom essay for Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 in 100, 150, 200 words.

My Classroom Essay in English for Students & Kids


Short Essay on My Classroom for class 1,2,3 in 80 words

It is my classroom. It is very spacious. It has two doors, four windows, and four ventilators. It is quite airy. We enjoy bright daylight and fresh air.

Our classroom is white-washed. It is neat and clean. There are twenty desks in it. Two students sit at each desk. There is a chair and table for that teacher. It has a big blackboard. Many charts, maps, and pictures are hanging by the walls in it. We sit peacefully in our classroom. There are four ceiling fans in it.


Essay on My Classroom for class 5 in 100 words

I am a student of class fifth. There are thirty students in my classroom. My classroom is very big and spacious. It has two doors and six windows.

There are four fans in my classroom. It is well lighted. The blackboard is big and well painted. The walls are white and clean. Maps, charts, and pictures are well decorated on the display boards.

The desk we sit on is comfortable. There is a desk and chair for the teacher also. Ther is also an almirah in my classroom. We all keep it neat and clean.

My Classroom Essay 10 lines


 My Classroom Essay in 150 words

My classroom is in a corner of the school. The school building is large. My classroom is big and airy. There are two doors and three windows. There is sufficient sunlight. My classroom is well maintained, chairs and desk are very neat and clean. We also take care of classroom cleanliness.

The teacher sits in front of us. He has a chair and a big table. He keeps his books etc. on the table. There are thirty-five students in our class. Students sit on chairs. They have desks to keep their books in them. My classroom has a big blackboard in front of us. The teacher writes on it with a piece of chalk. He uses a duster to erase the writing on it. There are a number of charts and pictures on the walls. I love my classroom, it is like my second home.


# Paragraph on My Classroom

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