Essay on Peacock in English | Peacock Essay for Students & Children

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Essay on Peacock in English for Students, Kids & Children


The Peacock Essay for class 1,2,3,4 in 100 words

A peacock is a beautiful bird. It has long and lovely feathers. The peacock is a dancing bird. Its feathers are green and blue colours. It has quite a long and thin neck. It dances during rains. It has a crest on its head. It can open its tail like a fan.

Its legs are ugly. It sheds tears when it looks at its feet while dancing. The peahen has no feathers. It is a bulky bird. It cannot fly very high. It lives on trees, It is fond of chillies. It has an acute sense of hearing. It is a harmless bird.


10 Lines Essay on Peacock


Essay about Peacock for kids in 120 words

The Peacock is a very beautiful bird. It is big and so colourful. Its feathers are multi-coloured. It has a long shining and dark neck. Its call is loud, sweet, and clear. It can fly only a short distance at a time. Its feathers are used in making many beautiful things. The peacock is found in many parts of our country. When it dances its feathers spread into a big and beautiful fan. A dancing peacock is a beautiful sight to watch. It is our national bird. It is a protected bird. There are also white peacocks. But they are not so beautiful. A peacock dance is a popular dance. In this dance, the movements of the peacock are imitated.


Essay on Peacock the National Bird of India in 200 words

The peacock is the national bird of India. It is commonly found in every part of India. It belongs to parks, gardens, and the jungles. A female peacock is called a peahen. It is a very innocent bird.

It delights the man. Its colourful feathers keep us fascinated. We keep them in our homes and temples. They are considered very sacred and auspicious. We make fans with these delightful feathers. A peacock is a great friend of farmers because it eats up harmful insects. And thus it protects their crops and plants.

A peacock is at its best during the rainy season. It dances with the clouds. The drizzle begins and so begins the dance of the peacock. It dances for hours. Its plumes are beautifully arrayed in a dancing pose. Its crest is the pride of our hearts.

We love this beautiful bird. We adore it joyfully. The government of India has given this bird a place of pride. It really deserved it long ago. In rural India, it holds an important place. It even visits our roofs and sings very delightfully.


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