IELTS Essay- Some parents buy their children whatever they ask for, and allow their children to do whatever they want

IELTS Writing Task 2- Some parents buy their children whatever they ask for, and allow their children to do whatever they want. Is this a good way to raise children? What consequences could this style of parenting have for children as they get older?

Write 250 to 300 essay in 40 minutes.

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Sample Answer-

In a world of technology, Parent-child relationship should be given a lot of attention today. Not maintaining the balance towards work and them may lead to a lot of problems. According to psychology, there are 4 main types of parenting style- Authoritarian, authoritative, neglectful and permissive. Parents can choose a mixture of all the styles for better childcare rather than sticking to one.

However, some parents have cultivated a habit of giving everything a child wants. They rarely say “No” to their children for whatever they ask for. This can lead to consequences for both the child and the parent.

Parents who tend to say Yes to everything the child says or asks for makes a child a stubborn and impatient one when they grow up. Instant gratification is not the correct way for children. This is because if they always get what they wanted and if they are once denied things, they become angry. They can also create a huge fight with other people because that’s what they have learnt at home – the nature of getting everything. Children slowly become spoilt and uncomfortable with not getting things easily. They may have adjustment issues later as well.

Having parents who give gifts is not wrong. But denying them certain things or giving them logical reasons for not giving is also necessary. For example, a child asking for a motorbike at the age of 12 is not a viable option as it’s illegal for them to drive and is also unsafe. Giving expensive phones at an early age will only harm their social lifestyle or relationship at home.

Parents who are rich can afford many things. This does not give them the liberty to spend lavishly on their child. Children need to learn about “not having” and living with basics as well. This is only possible if parents control.

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