PTE Academic Speaking :Top 7 tips & Strategies for Higher Score

Preparation for PTE EXAM is a stressful task if you do not have the right guidance. Scoring high in these exams might seem tough in the beginning, but with the proper advice and lots of practice, it can easily be achieved. PTE has a speaking section, where the ability of the candidate to verbally communicate in English is checked. There are six parts that you need to go through in this paper. They include—Introduction, Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-Tell lecture and Short questions.

PTE Academic Speaking section tips & Strategies-

Here are some tips that will help you successfully answer all these questions and score high in the PTA Speaking section.

1. Confidence Is The Key

Nervousness will always leave a negative impact on the admission officer. Hence, be confident all throughout the interview. It is not possible for you to know everything. So, if you do not know the answer to a question, do not panic. Talk naturally in a relaxed manner and be clear about your thoughts.

2. Be Fluent

The next most important thing is fluency. To gain a good score in the speaking section of the PTE Exam, being quick and accurate in your reading and speaking skills is a sure way to impress the admission officer. Additionally, pay attention to what is on the screen and read the text correctly even if you do not know anything about the topic.

3. Be Grammatically Correct

Grammar is the skeleton of any language, and you need to be well versed in the grammar skills. Use appropriate grammar and make sure you avoid slangs and abbreviations at all costs. Even if you answer using simple English with correct grammar, it will be enough to score you good marks.

4. Use Punctuations

Make sure you use punctuations. Not using punctuations can lead to misunderstandings. Hence, use a small pause for comma, a big pause for full stops and so on. However, it is important to note that any pause should not be longer than 3 seconds because the microphone automatically shuts down in three seconds.

5. Time Is Important

Make sure you do everything on time. Answer as fast as possible. However do not rush your answers, since the computer times them and you need to click the next button to go to the next question. Also as mentioned above, do not take a break longer than 3 seconds while answering.

6. Think Before You Speak

No matter what you say, it should make sense. You need to convey your thoughts to the admission officer, and he should understand every word that is being said. Hence, read the question and think before you start talking. The best way to do this is by using simple English and avoiding fancy words. Also dividing your answer into smaller sentences is helpful.

7. Talk As Naturally As Possible

Don’t let the nervousness show in your voice. Make sure you are loud enough for your voice to be captured in the microphone but do not shout or shriek in a high pitched tone. Talk naturally as you speak in your daily life.

These are some easy tips that you should keep in mind before giving your PTE Exam. Practice makes a human perfect. Hence, take as many mock tests as possible before the actual exam, and you will come out with flying colours.

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