Five Things I Love The Most Essay in English For Students & Children

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Five Things I Love The Most Essay in English For Students & Children

Essay on Five Things I Love The Most

Everybody loves somebody or something. This only makes life possible.

Everybody loves the members of his own family and I also do. Every child loves his or her parents first and all others afterward and I also do.

If, however, I’m asked to name five things I love most, I’ll name truth, honesty, industriousness, contentment, and love itself.

This may seem strange, as all the things I’ve mentioned are spiritual or abstract. None of them is a material object. I admit that if the same question is put to others, most of them will name some material objects like money, time, health, friendship, and probably India.

I do not deny that the things mentioned later are also important in their own way and also deserve merit or at least close attention.

I, however, must say that the things that. I have mentioned are everlasting and have ever been relevant and are relevant for all times to come.

Time and space can be conquered but not truth. Truth is absolute and not relative. And so are honesty and other such virtues. They are termed relative only by selfish people. One can be absolutely truthful and honest or not at all.

Industriousness may seem to be smacking something of selfishness. But that is not so. Industriousness blended with over-ambition or greediness is a bane. But when it is blended with honesty, it is a boon.

My love for love itself may seem strange. But all life on earth is possible only because of the bonds of love. In the absence of love, the whole world will go hay-wire.

If parents stop loving their children, the latter will perish and there will be the end of the world. It is for this reason that nature has put emotional bonds in all the creatures, such that even a small creature like a cat or sparrow loves its young one and arranges for its food that sustains it and enables it to grow into an adult.

If all the people of all religions, communities, races, and nationalities start loving one another and consider the human race as one entity, the earth will change into heaven. Then the nation’s consciousness will be redundant. That is why I did not mention patriotism as one of the virtues that otherwise I would like to love.


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