Essay- Value added by travel in Education

Value added by travel in Education. Is travel a necessary component of education or not? Will scholar sitting at home have more knowledge?


Student travel to study is overrated, we have brilliant scholars who studied locally. Is travel really required for higher studies?

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Model Answer

Travelling abroad for higher education is always been a fantastic thing. It gives more real-life experience & learning. If people prefer studying abroad, they can learn about a different kind of culture. Studying abroad not only offers a good education but also practical set. Travelling abroad make students more responsible, they do their work themselves and find a job for living expenses.

The education system in foreign countries is more focused on developing practical skills of a student and making him job ready, but in India, more focus is on theoretical knowledge. People grow by leap & bound through this opportunity. It gives comprehensive experience. They create amazing memories & able to make lifelong friendships. It fosters growth in all aspects socially, culturally and personally. It provides more exposure that the people can’t get in India. Advance technology & government facilities are superior to what is in India.

Studying out of the country gives an opportunity to see the world. People will be able to experience a brand new country with incredible outlooks, customs & activities. It has advantages like to see new terrains, museum, landmarks & natural wonders.

Travelling is not an important component of education, it can be completed in our own country but when students choose to study abroad, it gives more exposure and experience. And it is quite affordable because developed countries provide many facilities to students than what is in India. Apart from these things people will get opportunities to visit other neighbouring countries. With a foreign currency, it becomes cheaper to travel neighbouring countries which looks very expensive residing in India.

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