Television has many useful functions to play in everyone’s life

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Television has many useful functions to play in everyone’s life, for some its relaxation, for some it is the companion. Discuss your viewpoint and support your answer with examples and discussion point.

Television has many useful functions to play in everyone’s life

Being invented in the twentieth century, television is used by billions of people worldwide. Almost every single house has at least one television. The word has been made out of two parts tell which means “far away” and vision “sight”. Thus, television is a great source to get a sight of any part of the world.

Television not just entertains the viewers but also educates them as well. With the rapid increase in the number of channels, television has become a great source of knowledge about different countries, culture, food, art & craft and the people. It also keeps us updated on every single news across the globe.

In a developing country like India, many farmers are uneducated and don’t have the proper knowledge of how what and where to grow the crops for maximum yield. Thus, in such scenarios television helps the farmer with different farming techniques along with many important aspects related to farming. This not only concedes the farmers with the better crop but also makes the country fulfil the demands of hunger.

With a bunch of regional as well as international channels, it provides viewers with the advantage of watching and learning any language of their choice with ease, just by watching any TV channel. It is not only effective in teaching new languages but also improves the fluency and pronunciation of the same.

In conclusion, I can say that with so much to offer, television really makes a great entertainment system as well as provides the viewers with immense knowledge about the world. With so many channels to watch related to so many different subjects, makes it an allrounder in the entertainment province.

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