Essay The Problem Of Pollution



It is rightly said that man’s greatest enemy is the man himself. He has become so selfish that he is exploiting nature. Today the most serious problem created by man is environmental pollution. In the distant past nobody paid ‘serious attention to the problem but today it has become a horrible problem.

Modern life style mixed with a rapid progress in industrialization can be held responsible witness the dark clouds of smoke choking our breath. The roads are crowded with vehicles which emit poisonous gases. The situation is aggravated by the smoke coming out from the chimneys of the factories and workshops. It is very difficult to walk even for a few minutes on a busy road. It is a common complaint of the people that their eyes are blinded, ears are deafened and nostrils chocked with chemical dust and smoke.

Reckless deforestation has resulted in global warming and irregular monsoons. Oxygen is becoming rare these days. The days are not far off when we will have to carry oxygen cylinders with us for breathing. Excessive use of chemicals fertilizers, pesticides and medicines have made our earth poisonous. Drinking water is full of dangerous chemicals.

No doubt science has found the cure for many deadly diseases but pollution has added many diseases to the list of fatal diseases. These diseases were never heard before. Now the situation has come to such a pass where the every existence of man, animal and vegetation is at state. We must wake up and stop pollution otherwise it will be too late.

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