Short Essay Value Of Games and Sports

Essay- Value Of Games and Sports


Games and sports are an integral part of education. They ensure good health and build a fine physique. They develop a healthy attitude towards life. In the past, there was not much attention paid to games and sports but now their importance has been recognised. The aim of education is regarded as all round development of one’s Personality. One aim of education is to build character, to impart moral instruction and inculcate certain traits that help a person in leading a responsible life but games too have an important role to play in their development. Motivation, hard work, perseverance, determination are some of the qualities that are essential for success in one’s life.

Games make a person active and smart. His mind gains vigour and freshness. He becomes more active in all activities of life.

International sports events like Olympic games, World Cup Tournaments of Football, Cricket, Badminton, Tennis etc. bring different nations together. What the governments of the countries could not achieve, can be easily achieved by games and sports. Games not only make people fit and smart but also make the nations prosperous. So let us say “yes” to sports and games and “no” to drugs.

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