Essay on Truthfulness in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Truthfulness in English For Students & Children

Truthfulness is a quality of the great From Krishna to Christ and from the Buddha to Nanak, all great souls and religious leaders have preached truthfulness as a cult of the human society. To then truth was God Himself. A man, therefore, who is true is nearer to the spirit of God.

It is not, however, sufficient to be true in the world alone. One must be true indeed as well. It is very easy to preach truthfulness. What is more important is to practise what you preach about. Only then a person can be rightly called truthful. Otherwise, all that he preaches’ will amount to hypocrisy.

Truthfulness means being straightforward and just in dealings with others. It is a social code in which the best specimens of humanity have always believed.

Only men of strong character can be truthful. A man who fears the world can never live up to the ideal of truthfulness. But strong-minded, strong-willed and morally well-grounded people care little for the world. They care more for their ideals and less for their lives. They are capable of sacrificing anything for truth. From Socrates to Gandhi great people have preferred suffering and death to a life of falsehood.

A man of truth has a clear conscience and peaceful sleep. He lives his life unburdened by petty worldly worries. He does not play false to anybody and does not care for any wrong that may come to him. His love of truth makes him brave and fearless. It is said that one lioness and the truthful person can face a hundred liars and beat them.

Lincoln, a man of the frail frame, could single-handed beat and bruise the goondas who cane to give him a beating. Gandhi, even frailer than Lincoln beat the mightiest of the rulers by his moral force and won freedom for his country.

Truthfulness, therefore, is a virtue of the greatest and the strongest. Let those who love Krishna, Christ, Nanak, and Gandhi also love Truthfulness.

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