Essay on Responsibility in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Responsibility in English For Students & Children

Ignorance is bliss. Lack of responsibility is another blessing. A man who lives for himself may not be a man. That is, we may say that he lacks human qualities. But it is hard to say that he is not happy. He lives for himself. Life for him is not a life of care. It is not a bed of thorns. For him, the world is not there. But man cannot exist without responsibilities.

Responsibility is a burden. Greater the responsibility greater the burden. Cares and worries increase with the increase in importance. A clerk, for example, has definite hours of work. He goes to the office at a definite time and leaves his desk at a specific hour. The rest of the time is his own. He spends it the way he likes. He may have worries but not the type which might take away his sleep at night. His small worries do not give him bad dreams. A soldier has to make the greatest sacrifice for his country. But it is only at the time of war that he gets the worst. In times of peace, he enjoys health and happiness. But as we got higher, responsibility in higher ranks increases.

A clerk has to worry about one particular job entrusted to him. An in charge of an office has to worry about twenty jobs which twenty people under him are doing. Going a bit still higher, rather than going to the highest job, the Prime Minister of India has to manage the whole country. He has to take care of eighty crores of people. If a clerk commits a mistake it affects locally. But, if the Prime Minister commits a mistake it affects the whole country. His actions may lower or raise our prestige abroad. The Prime Minister, therefore, has to be a very careful man.

But whatever be the case he can never have peace and rest. All his hours are the hours of work. All his life is a life of care. Even his sleep is not his own. His home is not his. For him, there is no sweet home. Everywhere it is the monster of worry which follows him. peace .he has no peace; in war, he has no sleep. He is condemned for not doing a thing. He is also condemned for doing it. He cannot please himself. He cannot please others. His lot is the worst because it is the best. Nehru so loved and yet so condemned, died without peace Gandhiji the greatest of us, suffered death. He suffered all his life because he had the greatest responsibility-the responsibility of holding humanity together. Truly it is said; uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.


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