Essay on Dr BR Ambedkar in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Dr BR Ambedkar in English For Students & Children

Short Dr. B.R Ambedkar Essay in 150 words

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was a gem in the true sense of the world. He was the founding father of the Indian constitution. He rose from very ordinary surroundings. He studied very diligently. He had to face ‘small’ every time as he was an outcast. He did not feel discouraged. He kept his heart.

The life of young Bjimrao was a life of great struggles. He did his B.A from Bombay. Later he went to America for his higher studies. The ruler of Baroda bore his expenses. There he got many degrees.

On his return, he held very high posts, but his ‘caste’ stood in his way. He left all jobs. He worked for the down-trodden and the outcast. He was a true friend of the poor.

He was a great scholar of universal-Law. Now he worked on the making of the Indian Constitution. He was the first Law Minister of free India. He was a noble soul.

The down-trodden will never forget Dr Ambedkar. His services towards them are to be written in golden letters.


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Essay on Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar

The Maker of the Indian Constitution Ambedkar popularly known as Baba Saheb Dr Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedkar was born in a low caste family. Low caste people were looked down upon as untouchables in those days and were discriminated against by the high caste people. They were not allowed an education. Under great hardships and with hard labour he surmounted the obstacles that came in the way of his education. By dint of his sheer hard work and determination, he achieved the highest education and became an authority on law and constitution. He became one of the stalwarts of modem India. He was the founder of the Indian Constitution.

During his life, he worked for the upliftment of the depressed people of India. He showed the path to the members of his community that they could achieve even the impossible by determination and inspiration. He tried his best to usher in the era of equality and remove the discrimination of the people on the basis of caste. He was a champion of the cause of the scheduled caste or other depressed classes.

The ‘nation honoured him by declaring the year 1990-91 a year of social justice. It was also the centenary year of his birth. He was conferred with the highest honour of the land “Bharat Ratna” posthumously by President Sh. R.Ven Kataraman on April 14,1991. The Prime Minister declared that in the centenary year of Baha Sheb serious efforts will be made for the uplift of the underprivileged people. He promised to set up a commission of the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes to safeguard their interests.

We should emulate his courage, devotion, determination and hard work with which he rose from sand to the sun and shone on the horizon of India to emit light to all downtrodden people of the world. His light can lead us on the path of great achievements to progress and prosperity.


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