Essay on The Power of Habit For Students

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Essay on The Power of Habit For Students

The Power of Habit Essay

The power of habit is very strong and unflinching. It is truly said that habit is our second nature, rather it is ten times’ nature. Old habits die hard, they live with you till your last breath.

A habit is what we acquire by way of our liking or disliking. We say smoking is a bad habit. He is a habitual gambler. It means he is fully addicted to the bad habit of gambling. Drinking is another bad habit. The list can go to any number.

As teachers and parents, it is our sacred duty to see that our wards and pupils inculcate good habits. They become ideal students. They become ideal citizens. If they have a storehouse of strong habits, they are sure to succeed in every venture of life. Their success is cent percent. The question of failure or defeat does not arise. Then what are good and strong habits? They are getting up early, going out for a morning walk, attending the school in time, respecting the elders and teachers, loving the youngsters, etc. Be courteous, kind, gentle, noble, and sympathetic. It is strenuous (very hard) training. If you practice it throughout life, it will have a salutary effect. Its results will be wonderful. You will ensure remarkable progress. These good things are done again and again and for a greater period of time will become your nature i.e. they will become a permanent part of your habit.

The power of habit is universal. Man does what is his habit. He performs his actions by the force of his habit. We mostly say that it is my habit to get up early in the morning. It is my habit to take exercise and do jogging. We act under the pressure of our habits. However hard we may try to adopt an unbeaten track, soon we will return to the off-beat path. We are helpless because of our habits. I don’t enjoy tea. Now you press me to have at least a sip out of the cup. It will annoy me because tea-taking is not in my nature. It is not my habit. Mostly we are guided by our temperaments.


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