Essay on My Hobby in English For Students and Children

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Essay on My Hobby in English For Students and Children

Short My Hobby Essay in English ( 150 words )

Different people have different hobbies. Some like photography, others love stamp collecting. A few others read novels and stories. But my hobby is quite different from others.’ I like gardening. I have a small open plot in the back of my house. I have turned it into a kitchen garden. I hoe the ground. I plant the trees. I water them. I look after them as and when I have leisure time. I have also planted flower saplings. They give me a sweet smell and fragrance. I have grown vegetables. I get fresh vegetables from my kitchen orchard. It is a good hobby. Trees and plants are my best friends. They give me a good deal of joy. They are very beautiful. Poet Keats says, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” As and when I find time, visit my small garden. I tender it, I nurture it. I like it. It is an experience of unending joy and bliss.


Essay on My Hobby Gardening for students ( 250 words )

Everybody must have one or many hobbies. It is particularly important after doing some strenuous physical or intellectual work.

One can have more than one hobby. But usually, people have just one hobby and that is enough.

A hobby should not be carried too far such as to devote more time to it than to your main work.

My hobby is gardening. I usually spend my hours of leisure on this hobby. Sometimes, I depend my whole Sunday or other holidays on this hobby.

I fetch good seeds or saplings of various plants from a stand-ard nursery and grow them in my kitchen garden.

In my kitchen garden, I have flower and fruit plants, in particular vegetables there according to the season.

Among the flowers, which I like most are Roses, Daffodils, Jasmine, Lilies, and sunflowers.

The vegetables that I generally grow there are Cauliflower, Cabbage, Spinach, Lady’s finger, Pumpkin, etc.

There are also a few fruit trees in my kitchen garden. Particularly worth mentioning are Guava, Pomegranate, Mulberry, Blackberry, Litchi, Chikoo, etc.

I water the plants regularly. I take out weeds from the beds. I also apply the required quantity of manure regularly.

When some of the plants bear fruit, I have to be very wary of predatory birds such as parrots. Such plants as guavas and papayas have particularly to be taken care of.

Sometimes, I have also to apply some insecticides and pesticides in small quantities.

I am proud of my hobby. It gives me light exercise, recreation and happiness, and good vegetables, flowers and some fruit.


Essay on My Hobby Painting ( 300 words )

A hobby is what are does during one’s spare time. It is an activity which one do wholeheartedly as it is your favourite activity.

It is very good for the development of the personality of a person. It gives the tired mind peace and comfort. It gives the person an opportunity to grow mentally.

Whenever I find some time away from my studies, I love to do painting. Playing with colours is my favourite pastime. My father has bought me watercolours and wax colours. I have a drawing board and many loose drawing sheets and charts. Whenever I feel tired or depressed I start sketching. I make sketches of landscapes. A landscape with the rising sun and flying birds is my favourite one When I fill up colours in these sketches, I feel as if I am really creating them. I colour the sun in orange, birds in blue, fields in green and a small but in brown. It gives me immense pleasure.

The rising sun fills me with inspiration. The lush green fields fill up my mind with a strange sense of comfort and peace. Flying birds make me feel like flying. I find myself out of this world. My wind and heart become free from the tension and the burden of studies.

I also like to make sketches of wild animals. The sketch of the tiger is my favourite one. I also love to draw elephants and the mighty python.

Whenever there is some event like the birthday of a friend or relative or some festival, I fight these paintings to my friends and relatives. I design cards for various occasions and paint them.

I feel very happy and proud when somebody praises my paintings and my cards. I feel very satisfied in my colour full world.


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