A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing Essay For Students

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A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing Essay For Students

Essay on A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing ( 150 words )

“Drink deep or taste not the spring of knowledge” so said the pope. Really a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Shallow knowledge in any field of life leads to troubles and sorrows. First, a man of little learning feels veins and haughty An empty vessel creates much noise. He knows little but pretends that he knows everything. Then he may create disasters. God may save a patient who falls in the hands of a doctor of little learning. A teacher, who does not know his subject, will himself fall in hot water and misguide his students. An imperfectly trained pilot will surely cause a crash. A statesman who does not possess a perfect knowledge of the world will create havoc for his country It is indeed ideal that one should gain complete knowledge before one enters into a particular field.


Essay on A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing in 300 words

Knowledge is always a good thing. To know something is Desirable. But it can become dangerous when incomplete knowledge is applied practically. Quite often we acquire some knowledge about a particular thing. We start applying it in our life. It often results in dangerous consequences. So it is rightly said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Insufficient knowledge is dangerous if one applied it to one’s life. It can prove fatal when one guides others with it. For example, if a surgeon starts working without sufficient knowledge, the results can be disastrous. He can put a life in danger. We often read about the operations in which instruments are left in human bodies. We come to know about operations performed on the wrong sides or wrong organs. Such surgeons are throwing their patient’s lives in danger.

We often rule. Quacks practicing medicine. They come to know about certain medicines and become doctors. Similarly, save people start self-medication. These can definitely prove harmful.

Someone who starts teaching a subject, without in-depth knowledge. He is playing with the future of students. Just with a little knowledge, he starts giving education. The students get the same incomplete and inadequate knowledge. What can be said about the future of such students?

In our houses, many accidents occur due to little knowledge. People often use electrical gadgets without knowing completely about them. They do not know about the right functioning. So they become preys of mishaps.

If an engineer builds the building without adequate knowledge, it is certain to fall down. In the same way, insufficient knowledge of driving skills can cause serious accidents. Specially youngsters start driving without complete knowledge. They don’t even know about road signs. They not only endanger their lives but of those on the road also.

So we should start working on something only after gaining full knowledge about it. A little knowledge would lead us nowhere.


A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing Essay ( 500 to 600 words )

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Quite often we acquire some understanding of a particular skill or field of work and begin to use it in life with dangerous consequences. Often we have professionals who work without adequate knowledge of what they are practising and this can lead to fatal consequences. A consideration of the different spheres of life where we see the application of inadequate knowledge would reveal how disastrous it can prove.

A surgeon’s profession is one field where inadequate knowledge should not be brought to practical application. And yet we hear of surgeons who have got their degree by virtue of paying ‘capitation’ fees in medical colleges (which has now thankfully been banned). Thus, we hear of and read in the newspapers of surgery cases being inefficiently performed leading to death because of the doubtful nature of the doctor’s qualification. Again, an administration of the wrong medicine owing to the lack of knowledge of the effect on different kinds of people can also prove fatal. For example, a dose of penicillin administrated to a patient whose system does not accept it has often proved fatal.

Similarly. an engineer, with, adequate knowledge would build bridges and roads which would quickly fall to pieces. So too a soldier without sufficient knowledge of the tactics of warfare would not only be useless in defending his country but also prove an easy target for the enemy. A teacher without knowledge of how to teach students would not be able to perform his duty properly and students would gain little.

While I believe it is immoral for anyone to practise with inadequate knowledge of skills on others, it is also stupid to practise it on oneself. For example, there are people who get to know the names of certain medicines and what they are used for, and at the slightest indication use them on themselves without consulting the doctor. Even if the person knows that the medicine cures a certain malady, yet the dosage and the side effects of the medicine might be unknown. This can cause serious health problems for the person concerned and instead of curing one ailment, might in fact create other serious problems.

Yet again, motor driving is another area where a person with inadequate knowledge of road signs and driving skills can be quite dangerous. He not only endangers his own life but those of others driving or pedestrians crossing the road.

Yet another very common example of a little knowledge being dangerous is the use of electrical gadgets at home without fully understanding how to operate them. A friend of mine bought a domestic mixer – grinder and happily began to use it. she put in hot freshly boiled spinach in the mixer and opened the lid as soon as she had switched it off. The blades of the mixer were still in motion and the steaming hot spinach flew onto her face burning it. The poor lady suffered terribly owing to the mistake of not reading the instructions carefully. Any electrical gadget can cause serious mishaps unless handled with full knowledge of how it is to be operated.

A little knowledge about different things often makes people believe that they know a lot and practical application causes serious accidents. Another pitfall is that such people also become quite proud of their knowledge and flaunt it as though they know a lot. It is only when they discover what they do not know and still have to learn that they get over their pride.

Thus, to conclude, I would assert that a little knowledge about anything in any sphere can be very dangerous and particularly a practical application of such inadequate knowledge. One’s aim should be to have full knowledge of whatever one learns so that one can use it confidently for the benefit of oneself and others, rather than be satisfied with incomplete knowledge and be a potential danger to oneself and eve one around.


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