Essay on Raja Ram Mohan Roy For Students

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Essay on Raja Ram Mohan Roy For Students

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the pioneer of the renaissance in Bengal. He called the ‘first modern man of India’. He was born on 22nd May in 1772 at Radhanagar in the district of Hooghly. His parents were Ramakanta Roy and Tarini Devi. He learned several languages like Arabian, French, Sanskrit, and English at an early age. He also read many religious scriptures quite early.

Ram Mohan had command over several European languages and literature. He started his service career with Esat India Company. Then he came to Kolkata and devoted himself to several welfare activities. He fought against the existing superstitious and dogmatism and injustices in contemporary Indian society. He tried to abolish many evil social customs like ‘Sati Paratha’. He was the founder of Brahma Dharma. Rabindranath Tagore gave him ‘Bharat Pathik’ and the British government ‘Raja’ titles. This great social thinker and reformer passed away at Bristol on 27th September 1833 at an early age.


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